Life Happens

Zen and the Art of Car Maintenance

I missed posting yesterday because I spent five hours driving and five hours waiting in a Honda dealership service department.

The backstory: our 2016 Honda Fit’s check engine light came on several weeks ago. Since we live so far away from a dealership, I took it to my local mechanic to have it checked. It was a non-specific code, so they did the easiest of the many repair options.

Minutes after leaving the mechanic with this fix, the light was back on. I took the car back and had another repair done.

Guess what?

The light came back on before I got home.

At that point, my local mechanic said the next repair would be expensive. I opted to take it to the dealership to see if the repairs were under warranty. (Admittedly, my first instinct was to trade the car in, or blow it up.)

The dealership determined that the fuel injectors were bad. This would be a $2,000 repair. Luckily, the majority of the cost was covered under warranty.

Yesterday, I sat in the dealership and waited for the warranty work to be done. We also needed new tires, an oil change, and a state inspection. I decided to just get all of this done while I was already waiting, rather than making myself spend another day in the future waiting at a mechanic’s shop.

Low and behold, the service manager comes out to tell me the car isn’t inspectable. Apparently, between the time I was in their shop for diagnosis (two and a half weeks ago) and yesterday, one of the shock absorbers on the car… Exploded?

Needless to say, that one isn’t covered under warranty and would cost me $600 or so.

So  now, I set at home with an uninspectable car, wondering why I don’t live in a city where I wouldn’t need a car (spoiler: agoraphobia is why).

That was my day yesterday. Now I have to go call a mechanic and find out what a non-dealership cost would be for these shocks.