My name is Tim Moore. I am a software engineer with over fifteen years of experience, a creative and technical writer, and a stay-at-home parent. Below, you can find more details about my education, experience, and skill set.

I do not maintain public presences on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. The places you can find me at are:


A non-exhaustive list of my skills. Next to each skill is an approximate amount of professional time I have in that skill.

  • WordPress (8+ years)
  • Programming Languages
    • PHP (12+ years)
    • Javascript (1-2 years)
    • HTML/CSS (20+ years)
    • Bash shell scripting (1-2 years)
    • React (< 1 year)
  • Version Control Systems
    • Subversion (8+ years)
    • Git / Github (2+ years)
    • Gitlab (< 1 year)
  • Technical Documentation Writing (5+ years)
    • Includes writing how-to guides and other software documentation for technical and non-technical audiences.


Automattic, Inc, remote location. July 2011 through September 2015.

I worked on the platform, beginning with social-related applications (connecting to other platforms, commenting systems, etc.). I also began working on the Jetpack plugin, which led to the creation of an engineering team, led by me, dedicated to Jetpack. I also led community support and documentation efforts for Jetpack.

University of Maine, Orono, ME. October 2003 through June 2011.

As a lead programmer, I developed and maintained a WordPress content management system (CMS) for the University of Maine web sites. This included converting existing web sites to WordPress-based sites, providing support and training to the academic community, and extending WordPress functionality. I performed in a variety of other roles, including hardware support technician, computer sales, point-of-sale software support, in-house IT help desk support, and other technology-related duties as deemed necessary.


Maine State Educational Technician III, 2020 – present.


Master of Science Cybersecurity, University of Maine Augusta.

Expected completion in 2022.

Bachelor of Arts English, University of Maine.

Completed in 2010. Includes studies in linguistics, creative writing, technical writing, and computer science.

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